Brightmoor Garden Group

We had a VERY HOT weekend at the ranch with our dear friends from Brightmoor Michigan. Everyone had a good time despite the weather. We did a few different things this year, like sack races, relay races, and the three legged race. The two chaperons engaged in this activity and almost made it to the finish line without falling over! The races were definitely a favorite. The horses were again amazing even though, I am sure they were VERY HOT as well. We had four Young Travelers graduates work with us this weekend, which was very special to us. This is a hope and prayer of mine that these young people find their gifts and talents here and pursue them. Johnathan and Matthew were wranglers, Darnell was “Dead Eye Bob’s” assistant with archery, and Austin did an awesome job helping me in the kitchen. Of all things, Miss Bonny had kitchen duty this weekend! and no one went hungry! Imagine that! Take a look at the pics by clicking the link to the right called “Brightmoor Garden Group”.